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Paranormal Activity 3 starring John Abraham

Another day, another interesting athlete tweet(s). Today its John Abraham, DE for the Atlanta Falcons. He had an experience last night. Here it goes.

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Quarterback Rating Deconstructed

The ever elusive Quarterback rating. The pristine number of 158.3, sounds beautiful doesn’t it. Ok, maybe it doesn’t. In any case, Mike Sielski of WSJ has an article this morning titled “Rethinking Quarterback Stats” which got me thinking about it. Sielski points out some interesting things. Lets see: Read the rest of this page »

Kerry Rhodes is a football player, Devin Thomas take a lesson

Good Morning, It’s another glorious football Sunday. A little upset that Fox and Cablevision are going to ruin it if they don’t get into an a agreement to broadcast channel and my Giants game, smh. In any case, PFT has an interesting story this morning involving Kerry Rhodes. Read the rest of this page »

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