All for one and one for all…

Paranormal Activity 3 starring John Abraham

Another day, another interesting athlete tweet(s). Today its John Abraham, DE for the Atlanta Falcons. He had an experience last night. Here it goes.

He tweets this morning from his account @JohnAbraham55:

“Man I swear there was a damn monster in my house last night I woke and jus heard like walking. Ya I did it gt the he’ll out there so fast”

“Seriously I gt video and all but I didn’t go c what it was he’ll I live alone they can hv what they¬†wanted iwatched enuff horror movies”

“I’ve had bats snakes and random animals around my crib so I’m sure it was something like that but I wasn’t gona c called an exterminator”

“@JUNKakaCANDY na flowery branch on lake lanier scary as sh*t I live alone so I don’t play when I hear anythn suspicious”

I couldn’t help to chuckle a bit. You would think a big bad football player wouldn’t get scared of monsters especially when for a living they routinely have to face and beat big bad monsters. Those monsters of course being offensive lineman. He might get a ribbing from teammates or opponents if they ever read about this. All in good fun of course. Hopefully it was just a raccoon/owl and nothing paranormal. The exterminators will do quick work with pests if they are culprits. If not, he may need to call T.A.P.S. And hopefully he was joking about having video camera running, makes you think who records themselves at night?

In any case, on a serious note, when reading I immediately thought about Sean Taylor. He heard noises while in bed and before he knew it, came face to face with attempted burglar and he was shot and died soon after. So in a sense I understand why someone, especially a high profile athlete would be scared, there are real monsters out there.

On a lighter, its throwback thursday. Please tell me you remember Are You Afraid of the Dark on Nick as a kid. Don’t lie guys, haha.

Just in case tweets disappear, here is screenshot.

Main Photo Credit: AP via Yahoo Sports


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