All for one and one for all…


A long long time ago I was a civilian sports fan. Woke up and watched the Mothership(ESPN) for breaking sports news and interesting stories and always checked their website for updates. Then google and twitter happened. I realized if I searched who lets say “football” and news in past 24hrs I would see stories that haven’t made ESPN. It felt empowering to know rumors, trades, and misc filler stories before them. Of course twitter was God given. Yes I followed @ESPN first then slowly began following others; team beat writers, athletes, news outlets, etc. It was a matter of time before I got realtime streaming news. I’m assuming this is how it felt in the old days when news hit the wire, of course now everyone with a twitter account can have access to the newswire not just big news outlets. This demystified the all encompassing power of ESPN and bloggers, like a kid at Christmas when finds out there is no Santa Clause.

What I want from this blog is to help everyone become a knowledgeable sports fan. Don’t sit back and wait for ESPN or your favorite blogger to post something. The best tool twitter has is the “search” option. Put in anything. If its about to be gametime and need to set fantasy roster search the player’s name and eventually you might find the teams beat writers or team’s official twitter page which reports inactives before any of the studio shows do. Also, when you hear a story search keywords like the name of person involved. Twitter search is in chronological order from most recent tweets up top to tweet to older tweets at bottom. When you scroll down you eventually find  the source who reported it before anyone else. Then when you click you might see its an obscure writer with just 500 followers but 6 insider you know also follow them, makes you wonder, did they poach their stories, hmmm. In any case I have a few favorites I follow and you should follow them to be a more  knowledabgle  sports fans. Of course @ESPN, @Deadspin, @thebiglead, @Sportsbybrooks, @Sportsmediawrld and A MUST for the NFL inclined: @profootball @adam_schefter @jay_Glazer @mort_report. I guarantee you, that they post things before anyone else, your favorite bloggers secret. They act like they have some secret knowledge. No,they just follow them and post quickly and pass work off as their own, just check for yourself, they also follow them as you should to. Blogging is cutthroat these days, haha.

To conclude, my hope is that you never come to me asking for insider information. I gave you the tools and now go to work. I’ll just be lending my opinion to certain topics and brining you off the beaten path stories that might interest you. Now get to work you empowered person you.


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