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Kerry Rhodes is a football player, Devin Thomas take a lesson

Good Morning, It’s another glorious football Sunday. A little upset that Fox and Cablevision are going to ruin it if they don’t get into an a agreement to broadcast channel and my Giants game, smh. In any case, PFT has an interesting story this morning involving Kerry Rhodes. Rhodes reflects on modeling and actor aspirations. He says, “I’m going to do that when I’m done. I haven’t shied away from that. But right now, it’s about football and helping this team win. And I think I can help a little bit.”

Is this the same Kerry Rhodes who got jettisoned from the Jets for being a diva and taking shots at coaches and players alike? Rhodes has been Johnny on the spot this year getting to the ball and is actually playing well, albeit the defense on a whole isn’t. Its good to see a player you know, be a player, work hard, and results show on he field. God speed Kerry.

As for Mr.Thomas, take a lesson. Devin Thomas, ex-redskin and current Panther, claimed he might have been released because of his roles in music videos and mags. In all honesty, he never produced on the field with ample chances. Do you see who is on Redskins roster at WR? Yea, what is that saying if you were cut in place of relative unknowns or players on downside of career. He could possible turn it around who knows. Of course we know one player who couldn’t, Will Demps. Just google him and see where his career took him. Went from a overachieving player in BAL to one of the worst NY Giants safeties ever overnight when he got some spotlight, smh.

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